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Begin Developing Piaffe
Many horses find piaffe one of the biggest obstacles on the road... read more


Driven Dressage
Debbie Heitz Wolf shares her experience with driven dressage,... read more

Work and Play at Dressage Today

Go behind the scenes with the Editorial staff of Dressage Today. In the office, around the barn and at home. read more


Improve Your Dressage Seat and Position with Isabelle von Neumann-Cosel
Last month I explained the process of recognizing, analyzing and... read more

Health & Fitness

Hip Pain in the Dressage Rider
Can wide horses cause hip pain for dressage riders? read more

Dressage Today Reader's Report

Dressage Today readers share their riding experiences, event information and more. read more


Margaret Freeman

Dressage Rules: Read ‘em or Weep

by Margaret Freeman
I was a rock star with dressage rules last weekend – and that’s just a pretty weird statement. I was speaking at the Weekend Educational Program at Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury, CT, put on by Lendon Gray’s Dressage4Kids. One of my topics was “Dressage Rules that Make a Difference to You and Your Score,” and I packed ‘em into the Band Room. ...Read More

Work and Play at Dressage Today

Training Healthy Athletes

by Jennifer Mellace
In my years of horse ownership, I’ve seen my horses through various health issues, including sarcoid treatments, choke, an eye removal due to painful uveitis, seasonal allergies and joint injections for arthritis. If you own horses, you inevitably deal with health-related issues, which is why we decided to bring you an issue devoted to sport-horse health. ...Read More

Margaret Freeman

There’s No Room for Rudeness in the Warm-Up Ring

by Margaret Freeman
I really don’t get it when dressage riders can’t follow the “rules of the road” when sharing a ring with other riders. I see it a lot in the warm-up ring at shows. I often wonder if rude riders never have to share ring space at home and thus don’t learn polite behavior when out in public....Read More

Adrienne Lyle

Winter in Wellington

by Adrienne Lyle
You know it's show season in Wellington when you wash your white breeches after the last class on Sunday and they are barely dry as you grab them off the rack for the next show. ...Read More

Article Archives

Driven Dressage

by Debbie Heitz Wolf

Debbie Heitz Wolf shares her experience with driven dressage, which provides another way to explore our sport. Read More

Hip Pain in the Dressage Rider

by Britta Anna Pedersen

Can wide horses cause hip pain for dressage riders? Read More

Remembering Lloyd Landkamer

by Janet Foy

Lloyd Landkamer, a beloved figure in the dressage community, died Sept. 25, 2015, at the age of 60, after a long battle with cancer. Although he began his career in dressage as a rider, he progressed to managing shows and eventually became competition manager at events such as the U.S. Dressage Finals in Kentucky and the Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Florida. Landkamer was a USEF “R” technic Read More

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