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Don't Give Up on Your Dressage Dreams
When I started riding dressage seriously as a Young Rider, my... read more


New Leaders in USEF Youth Dressage Program
George Williams and Charlotte Bredahl-Baker bring inspirational... read more

Work and Play at Dressage Today

Go behind the scenes with the Editorial staff of Dressage Today. In the office, around the barn and at home. read more


The Bitless Bridle Debate
The drive to allow bitless bridles in dressage picks up steam—and... read more

Health & Fitness

Fear: A Necessary (But Manageable) Part of Riding
Sports psychologist Jenny Susser explains how to deal with fear... read more

Dressage Today Reader's Report

Dressage Today readers share their riding experiences, event information and more. read more


Remember To Smile

Transitions, Transitions, Transitions!

by Pam Stone
Pretty much any trainer will tell you that riding countless transitions is THE secret to helping improve impulsion, strength and balance. And for Forrest, an ex-race horse whose biggest challenge is adapting to a completely different balance beneath his rider (as this rider doesn't hike her stirrups up to her armpits and lean over his neck), it's particularly true. But I think what perhaps isn't a...Read More

Work and Play at Dressage Today

Diversity Equals Beauty

by Jennifer Mellace
When I was a child, I would spend hours looking through my library of horse breed books. I had many favorites, including the Friesian with his flowing black mane and tail and the Clydesdale with his gorgeous feathers. What I loved most was the diversity of all the breeds and yet how they were all the same: horses. ...Read More

Margaret Freeman

Added Fun

by Margaret Freeman
I don’t want to hear anyone say that dressage isn’t fun. Maybe it’s not always fun to watch, but that’s when it’s not done well. When dressage is done well, it’s always fun to watch, no matter the level. But, it’s even more fun to do, a real participant’s sport even more than it is a spectator sport....Read More

Margaret Freeman

Fired Up Early About Dressage

by Margaret Freeman
I’ve spent the past couple weeks working on the program for Gray’s Youth Dressage Festival, which takes place the second week in August. I got involved with the Festival and Gray’s Dressage4Kids (D4K) organization when I lived near her base in Bedford New York. Just because I moved to North Carolina three years ago doesn’t get me off the hook. I still go back to judge every year and also to help a...Read More

Article Archives

How Can I Successfully School My Horse on My Own?

Dressage is a sport of subtleties and intricacies, so working alone most of the time can make progression difficult. However, if you ride smart, you can make the most of your time in the saddle. The dressage pyramid (also called the Training Scale or Training Pyramid) can seem formidable, but it is really the best tool to help you structure your training in the short and long term. As you work you Read More

Protect Your Horse from Diseases Carried By Insect Pests

Horse owners tend to think of flies and mosquitoes as annoying nuisances. That's certainly true, but they can also be downright dangerous as both can spread serious and even life-threatening diseases. Read More

Don't Give Up on Your Dressage Dreams

by Belinda Trussell

When I started riding dressage seriously as a Young Rider, my dream was to go to the Olympics and represent my country. Twenty-seven years and three World Championships, a World Cup, a European Championship and an Olympic Games later, I wish I had known then how hard it would be to make that dream come true. My story is about perseverance. I want it to inspire everyone who has dreams and who hits Read More

New Leaders in USEF Youth Dressage Program

by Betsy LaBelle

George Williams and Charlotte Bredahl-Baker bring inspirational backgrounds to the USEF Youth Dressage program. Read More

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