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Switching Disciplines with Your Horse
Whether due to injury, preference or just plain curiosity, many... read more


Enjoying the Older Horse
Advancing in age is not generally honored or valued in our... read more

Work and Play at Dressage Today

Go behind the scenes with the Editorial staff of Dressage Today. In the office, around the barn and at home. read more


The Bitless Bridle Debate
The drive to allow bitless bridles in dressage picks up steam—and... read more

Health & Fitness

Fear: A Necessary (But Manageable) Part of Riding
Sports psychologist Jenny Susser explains how to deal with fear... read more

Dressage Today Reader's Report

Dressage Today readers share their riding experiences, event information and more. read more


Margaret Freeman

Fired Up Early About Dressage

by Margaret Freeman
I’ve spent the past couple weeks working on the program for Gray’s Youth Dressage Festival, which takes place the second week in August. I got involved with the Festival and Gray’s Dressage4Kids (D4K) organization when I lived near her base in Bedford New York. Just because I moved to North Carolina three years ago doesn’t get me off the hook. I still go back to judge every year and also to help a...Read More

Remember To Smile

Field Trip Part Deux

by Pam Stone
I am so very lucky to be able to take advantage of the schooling shows offered by Foothills Riding Club, here at our lovely and laid back facility known as FENCE. This was Forrest's second trip here and you can imagine my relief in that he was far, far, more manageable this outing. ...Read More

Margaret Freeman

The Dreaded “L” Word

by Margaret Freeman
I hate the “L” word. What perplexes me most about it, however, is that some weekends of judging I might say it only once or twice, while other weekends it becomes a theme. I don’t detect any reason for clumps of lateral walks at certain shows: More upper-level riders? More lower-level riders? Bad weather? Good weather? Tense atmosphere? Smiles all around? Huh? ...Read More

Margaret Freeman

Some Don’t Like It Hot

by Margaret Freeman
Competitive dressage seems to be one of the few athletic endeavors where people actually put on MORE clothes between warm-up and performance. While it may make us look more elegant, it doesn’t exactly make us look more athletic. How you look is one thing, how you perform is another....Read More

Article Archives

Symmetry of the Horse and Rider

by Lauren Sammis

Whether I am showing, training or teaching, I constantly think about balance and symmetry in the horse and rider. These qualities are crucial to the proper execution of every movement in dressage. To do well in dressage, you have to be aware of your body and your horse’s body at all times, and then you have to be able to calibrate your adjustments perfectly. Read More

Fear: A Necessary (But Manageable) Part of Riding

by Jenny Susser

Sports psychologist Jenny Susser explains how to deal with fear as related to riding. Read More

Enjoying the Older Horse

by Eva Colacicco

Advancing in age is not generally honored or valued in our society and this attitude carries over to our perception of the older horse. In this article, I hope to dispel the notion that the older horse should be automatically retired or overlooked as a suitable candidate for purchase. Older horses can be rewarding to ride, care for and share one’s life with. They are frequently sounder, wiser, mor Read More

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