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Ride with a 'Library-Quiet' Position
Jeremy Steinberg explains exercises to help you improve your... read more


Love for the Lipizzan
Allen Kalchick explains how came to appreciate the Lipizzan... read more

Work and Play at Dressage Today

Go behind the scenes with the Editorial staff of Dressage Today. In the office, around the barn and at home. read more


Ride with a 'Library-Quiet' Position
Jeremy Steinberg explains exercises to help you improve your... read more

Health & Fitness

Baroque Horse Saddle Fit
Are There Any Tips for Fitting a Saddle to a Baroque Horse? read more

Dressage Today Reader's Report

Dressage Today readers share their riding experiences, event information and more. read more


Margaret Freeman

Breeches Need Pocket Power

by Margaret Freeman
Now that the weather is turning colder, I think of this as both vest weather and also as the season that pockets return with the vests. (Okay, it was already vest weather closer to Canada and still sleeveless weather closer to Florida, but that’s what we’ve got now in the Blue Ridge foothills.) ...Read More

Louise Robson

Challenges in Retraining the OTTB

by Louise Robson
The makeover showcase is a brilliant opportunity to showcase to people what OTTB’s can do and how adaptable they are to understanding and being part of another job and undertaking a new career. Not every trainer has the luxury of having the full 10 months of retraining, and even then, 10 months to retrain a horse into a new discipline is not easy and does not come without trials and tribulations....Read More

Louise Robson

A Day in the Life of Ryan

by Louise Robson
This week we have the Retraining of Racehorse (RoR) finals to be held in Cambridge. The finals take place over two days ranging from Intro Level (walk/trot) to Advanced Medium. I am very lucky that I've managed to have seven qualifying spots. ...Read More

Work and Play at Dressage Today

Beyond the Barn

by Jennifer Mellace
When I was in school I opted out of many extracurricular activities to spend time at the barn. This time at the farm and in the saddle was my only form of exercise and for years it was enough. But as I grew older, entered a full-time job, got married and had children, I found that my level of riding wasn’t enough to keep me fit and my riding position was suffering. I needed to look beyond my time ...Read More

Article Archives

Love for the Lipizzan

by Allen Kalchik

Allen Kalchick explains how came to appreciate the Lipizzan breed. Read More

Fiber Digestion In The Horse

by Jeanne van der Veen, MAS, PAS

Introduction Horses are non-ruminant, monogastric herbivores. This means that horses have a simple, one compartment stomach and eat primarily fibrous vegetation or plant material. Fibrous plants,... Read More

Balance, Strength & Body Awareness in the Dressage Horse

by Heather Blitz

As I near about 25 years of practicing dressage, it's become crystal clear to me what the bottom line is and what it's all about. Dressage training is not just about winning blue... Read More

Baroque Horse Saddle Fit

by Jochen Schleese CMS CEE CSE

Are There Any Tips for Fitting a Saddle to a Baroque Horse? Read More

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