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The Whip
Everyone honestly concerned about the classical way of riding... read more


Made in the USA
Hilltop Farm, Iron Spring Farm, Hassler Dressage and Yancey Farms... read more

Work and Play at Dressage Today

Go behind the scenes with the Editorial staff of Dressage Today. In the office, around the barn and at home. read more


Why Do Dressage Saddles Have Gussets?
Question: I own a Thoroughbred mare who is trained to Second... read more

Health & Fitness

On the Road Again
Traveling domestically or abroad and importing horses from afar... read more

Dressage Today Reader's Report

Dressage Today readers share their riding experiences, event information and more. read more


Work and Play at Dressage Today

"Inside" August 2014

by Jennifer Mellace
Since the creation of Dressage Today 20 years ago, the magazine has followed every World Equestrian Games (WEG). Our first coverage was in 1994 from The Hague in the Netherlands, which also happened......Read More

Adrienne Lyle

Aachen: “The greatest show on earth”

by Adrienne Lyle
All my life I have heard the hype about Aachen, "the greatest show on earth." I had never been in person before this month, but I've watched hours of Aachen videos streaming......Read More

Remember To Smile

Time to Trot

by Pam Stone
"Annnd, to T-rot." Better yet, to an uneventful, quiet, and obedient trot! After a week of simply walking straight lines and diagonals and the occasional circle, Forrest and I chose a late......Read More

Work and Play at Dressage Today

Lindsay Paulsen: A New Chapter

by Lindsay Paulsen
Two summers ago, I sat down at the Dressage Today intern desk for the very first time. Dressed in high heels, a seersucker skirt and white button-down shirt, I was jittery, anxious and eager to......Read More

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