I was all set to write a long article about Eadweard J. Muybridge and the horse's gaits, but the D1 session is coming up and I am too excited and nervous to stop thinking about it!

Paid Final $1,150 of the whole "L" Program - DONE!!!!
Hotel Reservations in one of the last rooms at the hotel on the show grounds - check
Airline Tickets for me and my scribe - working on it, using travel vouchers from United that I earned by getting bumped to the next flight 2 sessions ago. Thank you Sundance Film Festival :)
Rental Car - check
Calculator for Scoring without a plug, but tabulates on paper - working on it
Packing - pending
Re-drawing the diagrams for each test through Second Level 4 - working on it
Practicing - All day Saturday, I will be scoring tests with the scribe I am bringing to all 3 sessions of the "L", including the Final Exam.

Stay tuned!!!