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Intern Update: Eleanor Davis

Thirteen years ago, I walked into a barn for my very first riding lesson. It must have been a touching sight: a wide-eyed eight year old girl with a gentle older gelding who towered above his tiny rider. Back then, many people naively thought that I would outgrow the horse phase. Fast forward to now, and it’s obvious that outgrowing horses was never an option for me. In fact, this summer I decided that it was time to take the next step and land an internship in the horse industry. Since I have always loved writing and am an English major, working at Dressage Today is the perfect fit for me.

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One of the reasons I am so excited to begin working at DT in particular is that for the past few years, dressage has grown to be one of my biggest passions. Although I’ve been riding since I was eight, it was only when I became a horse owner that I even considered riding dressage. Over the years, I gradually began taking more dressage lessons with Rook to King, my spunky Arabian/Holsteiner cross, and slowly fell in love with this complicated sport.

 Last year, I was lucky enough to begin riding with Shelly Reichart, a USDF gold medalist, and with her help, brought Rook back from tendonitis-related lameness. Although I admittedly miss jumping a little, I could not be happier with how sound and strong my horse is after working exclusively in dressage for a year. Rook has gone from being sore all the time to moving with ease and flair. I’ve ridden and taken lessons in a variety of disciplines, including hunter/jumper, western horsemanship, and have even tried my hand at cutting and polo, but there is just something about dressage that fascinates and captivates me.

During my time at Dressage Today, I hope to get a feel for what it’s really like to work at a magazine, as well as improve my writing skills. Although I could arguably accomplish those goals at any magazine, working at Dressage Today will includes the added bonus of strengthening my knowledge of Dressage. For an ardent fan of the sport and dedicated student of the horse, I cannot imagine a better place to be an editorial intern.