Just 5 more!


I am going to post this before I have lost all use of my arms :(

My first session at the gym was great, but hard as heck! It has made me think about a few things:

1. Do my students hate me as much as I hate my fitness trainer?!?! By the end of the session, I wanted to smother her with my gym towel.
2. I have a new appreciation for being told: A. How much time I have left before I am done. B. When the next break is. If I can incorporate this even more into my teaching and training, I am sure my horses and students will be even happier with me.
3. Keeping your toes up encourages your knees to bend and stay that way. When riding, think toes up - not heels down - and your knees will stay bent and underneath you more easily.
4. Pushing yourself past your fitness level is good... to a point. After that, you just turn into a hot mess. When riding, never push your horse or yourself past the point of fatigue - it doesn't accomplish anything except improper execution of a movement, which can lead to injury.

After a quick recovery, I am off to teach and ride my own horse. I hope he doesn't expect me to carry him, now that I have my new muscles!