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You may not find candy, but you will find a lot of fun!

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Where can you go to see horses dressed in fun costumes? The Connemara Pony Show of course! The ACPS Region 3 show is held every summer and this year was held at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington Virginia. The show includes Mountain and Moorland Divisions which are open to the United Kingdom Native pony breeds other than Connemara ponies. This years winner of the costume class was Judy with her 10 year old Highland Pony named Circle H MacKenzie. This was not the first time that Judy has won this ever so popular costume class with her ham of a Highland Pony! They are always a crowd pleaser. Here are a few pics of their winning costumes. With Halloween fast approaching, I figured that this would inspire those of you who are looking to have costume fun with your horse. Have you ever done a costume class or dressed your horse up for Halloween? Please share what costumes you have done with us!

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