Welcome to the Dressage Today podcast sponsored by Spalding Labs. In this episode’s Ask the L, Aviva talks about how to correctly excuse yourself from a class when everything goes wrong. 

Then Stephanie and Aviva together interview Australian Helen Fletcher with Equipoise Pilates for Equestrians. In 2013, Fletcher wrote an article for Dressage Today, and now she has a video series on Dressage Today OnDemand.

Fletcher is a Pilates Alliance Australasia Professional Principal Instructor, with 30 years personal practice and 17 years teaching experience, ranging from post-acute rehabilitation to conditioning for sport. 

A rider from childhood, Fletcher believes all riders should aim to be the athletic equivalent of their horses, whether they are casual hobby riders or elite professional competitors. She is passionate about healthy biomechanics of both horse and rider, mindful movement, movement education, and the role that the riders body plays in the ability to influence and maintain and improve the wellbeing of the horse. Fletcher teaches both in person and online classes and runs Balanced Rider, Balanced Horse mounted clinics throughout Australia. 

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