Welcome to the Dressage Today podcast sponsored by Equithrive. In this episode, Stephanie gives an update on her horse Nadia, and Aviva answers an Ask the L question about the correct amount of angle in shoulder in. Together they have an excellent conversation with Nancy Lavoie about her history in teaching dressage and how changing the conversation (both internally and externally) can help improve riding and the sport of dressage.  

Nancy Later Lavoie is a lifelong equestrian with a special love for dressage. In addition to being an accomplished competitor through the Grand Prix level and a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist, Nancy is an accomplished trainer, clinician, and life coach. After many years of training and managing top performance horses, Nancy has taken an avid interest in Performance and Mindset Coaching. She is certified through Tony Robbins Core 100 and Mindvalley’s Evercoach Program as a Life Coach. Nancy also became certified in Mindfulness to bring more awareness and perspective to her training.  In addition to attending many High-Performance Seminars, Nancy has completed Dr. Zack Bush’s Intrinsic Health Program. 

Nancy is passionate not only about proper training and horse care, but the overall quality of life of her clients and their horses. The shift from fulltime competitor to Performance Coach, although recent, is bringing Nancy a tremendous amount of fulfillment, and her clients continue to succeed not only at the shows, but in the arena of life. Nancy lives with her husband Matthew Lavoie in Rindge, New Hampshire.

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