In this special Olympic wrap-up episode, sponsored by Vita Flex, co-hosts Stephanie Ruff and Aviva Nebesky share their thoughts on the recent Olympic dressage event. The conversation shifts to what the riders were wearing and Aviva’s latest saddle pad adventure. That rolls right into the “Ask the L” question about the preferred color of gloves when showing.

Together they interview Morgan Klingensmith, who has gained notoriety as the groom of Adrienne Lyle’s Olympic mount Salvino. Morgan was born and raised in Ohio, growing up just a few miles from where she works full time at Betsy Juliano’s Havensafe Farm. As a young girl, she spent much of her time riding ponies and started lessons in eventing at age 10, competing in that discipline until a few years ago. She started working for Betsy in 2014 at her Ohio barn and moved to her show horses in the fall of 2016. Morgan’s job as a full-time, professional groom keeps her very busy and on the go. She takes time out to share an insider’s perspective of the Olympic dressage event.


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