Welcome to a “mindful” episode of the Dressage Today Podcast, sponsored by the Horse Care Loyalty Rewards Program.  Hosts Stephanie Ruff and Aviva Nebesky first discuss their ideas of what makes a good student, and then Aviva talks about her favorite test and level to judge in her “Ask the L” segment.

They interview Chelsea Canedy about her road to enlightenment and how that has influenced her professional career as a dressage and event rider. Chelsea grew up in Connecticut where she was a member of Litchfield Pony Club, earning her H-A certificate before leaving for college. After riding throughout college, she moved to Northeast Tennessee, where her eyes were opened to some horsemanship ideas and tools that she had never seen before. She tweaked and utilized those tools as she expanded her business to a large facility in Virginia, bringing several horses up the levels in dressage and eventing before selling them for their owners and running a private client’s business as well. Chelsea is currently based in Wales, Maine and is helping connect riders in that area to the bustling world of dressage and upper-level eventing from her home base at Unexpected Farm.


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