Welcome to the Dressage Today Podcast, sponsored by the Horse Week.  Hosts Stephanie Ruff and Aviva Nebesky talk about the first Horse Week, coming up October 3 through October 9. Then Aviva tackles a tricky question in her “Ask the L” segment.

Together they interview Aviva’s clinician and friend Philesha Chandler, head trainer at Chandler Dressage Inc. in Wellington, FL. Originally from Kansas, Philesha started riding at age 8 and developed her love for dressage as a young rider. Her most recognizable accomplishment to date is being the winner of Robert Dover’s reality TV show, “The Search for America’s Next Dressage Star.” Upon winning the show, Philesha also was presented with the opportunity to be Robert Dover’s assistant trainer for a year. After that, she was an assistant trainer for Arlene “Tuny” Page and worked as a flat rider for Show Jumper, Kent Farrington. Today, Philesha’s goal for Chandler Dressage is to provide quality training, lessons and dressage horses to the dressage world.

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