Welcome to the Dressage Today Podcast sponsored by Purina Animal Nutrition. In this episode, Stephanie and Aviva share more winter motivation tips, and Aviva talks about proper warmup ring etiquette. Together they interview Aryelle Stafford, founder and owner of Better Dressage Scores, a virtual dressage show site.

Aryelle Stafford, along with her OTTB Reef, is an eventer with a strong appreciation for dressage. After years of making ends meet to pay her show bills, she wanted to create a more accessible and financially attainable way for people to show. In 2017, she started Better Dressage Scores to accomplish just that. She has enjoyed meeting riders from all over the world competing on this platform and is incredibly lucky to have a top-notch team of judges on her side. Living in Louisiana, even though Covid and life circumstances have put a grinding halt to her “live” competitions, Better Dressage Scores continues to be her monthly fix of horse show life.

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