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Arnd Bronkhorst - Arnd
How To Teach Your Horse to Pick Up the Correct Canter Lead
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hind legs 2
George Williams: How Horses' Hind Legs Work
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Dressage Basics: The 20-by-60-Meter Dressage Arena and 20-Meter Circles
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janet foy fourth level video
VIDEO: Janet Foy on the 2019 Fourth Level Dressage Tests
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janet foy 2019 dressage tests third level
VIDEO: Janet Foy on the 2019 Third Level Dressage Tests
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janet foy 2019 new test symposium second level dressage test
Janet Foy on the 2019 Second Level Dressage Tests
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phases of econd level ride hilda gurney
Six Phases of a Second Level Ride with Hilda Gurney
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hilda gurney piaffe
Develop Piaffe with Hilda Gurney, Part 2
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moving up to second level
Are You Ready to Move Up to Second Level?
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flying change example
How to Ride Correct Flying Changes on an Overeager Horse
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morten thomsen chris hickey canter pirouette 8
Easy Canter Pirouettes with Morten Thomsen
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canter transition
How Do I Ride a Clean Walk-Canter Depart on My Dressage Horse?
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Steffen Peters & Suppenkasper Finish Third in FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDI4* at CHIO Aachen
The Dutta Corp. U.S. Dressage Team Finishes Fourth in FEI Dressage Nations Cup™ Aachen CDIO5*
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Training Buzz: Step Inside the 2024 Adequan/USDF Trainers Conference
Interview With Endel Ots


How to Motivate Low-Energy Horses
Are lumps or swellings under the jaw reason for concern?
help your horse recover
Help Your Horse Recover From Intense Work
An Overview of the Inferior Check Ligament in Horses