Gait Transitions with Matt McLaughlin

Matt McLaughlin talks about and demonstrates transitions between and within the gaits as well as the importance of the half-halt.

Gait transitions are fundamental in dressage. In this video, Matt McLaughlin talks about and demonstrates transitions between and within the gaits. An important factor to keep in mind is that the horse not lean on the rider’s hands and fall onto their forehand. He also explains the importance of the half-halt in gait transitions. Then he demonstrates the different gaits and how to properly bring the horse back and send the horse forward. The entire time McLaughlin talks through what he is doing and why so you can understand what is happening in real time.

About Matt McLaughlin

Matt McLaughlin began studying dressage and the art of training horses at an early age. He has successfully trained many horses through Grand Prix as well as multiple horses in haute école including capriole, courbette and levade. He has earned the USDF bronze, silver and gold rider medals and is a U.S. Equestrian Federation “r” judge. Based in St. Cloud, Florida, McLaughlin travels throughout North America and Europe as a clinician.

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