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Dressage Today's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Check out our picks for the best in this year’s holiday gifts for the dressage rider.

The holidays are upon us again. For some, they bring the twinkle of Christmas lights, the smell of warm sugar cookies baking in the oven and the glow of fires in the hearth. For others, they bring the promise of a new show season spent amid palm trees and saltwater. However you choose to spend this special time of the year, we hope that it includes plenty of quality time with your favorite two- and four-legged friends. Here are our top picks for little luxuries that can help make this time of year even more special.

The Lovey Zipper Pouch by Mare Modern Goods

$25 •

Why we love it: This nifty pouch is designed in Atlanta, handmade from eco-friendly fabric in Ohio and comes in a cheerful pony print that won’t fail to make you smile.

1 mare goods lovey pouch

Lip Revival Tinted Lip Balm by Beauty for Real

$14 • 

Why we love it: This vegan lip balm was made in collaboration with leading riders like Laura Kraut, Debbie McDonald and Kasey Perry-Glass, who are all ambassadors for the equestrian charity Brooke USA. Twenty percent of all proceeds raised from sales will benefit Brooke USA to help alleviate the suffering of working equines and support their families on a global scale.

2 tinted-lip-balm-brooke-usa

Equestrian Gift-Wrapping Paper by Hunt Seat Paper Co.

$13 •

Why we love it: This eye-catching gift wrap is tasteful, yet fun and speaks to your inner horse-girl! 

3A ChristmasGift
3B Icon_Set

Gourmet Horse Treats by Snaks 5th Avenchew

Prices vary •

Why we love them: These bakery-style, all-natural treats are almost too cute to be real! Treat collection themes include everything from junk food to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to unicorns.

4A snaks 5th avenchew 1
4B snaks fifth avenchew 2

The Pierson Duffle by MaeLort & Co.

$310 •

Why we love it: This lightweight and clean-lined nylon bag is designed for travel with tall boots—there’s a special compartment for them on the bottom. Multiple hidden pockets will keep you organized on the go.

5A Pierson High-Res
5B Pierson High-Res Boots

Click It™ Browband by PS of Sweden

Prices start at $60 •

Why we love it: With a snap-on, snap-off design, these stunning browbands are easy to change, even when the bridle is on the horse. Styles range from simple and understated to bold and blingy.

6A Samlingsbild_pannband_insta
6B Vintage Crystal_closeup
6C Sleek_Fudge_closeup

Boot Inserts By Gray & Co. Designs

$32 •

Why we love them: These boot inserts help maintain the shape of your boots and come in a huge variety of fun prints and patterns to brighten your day. There’s also an option to add a custom monogram to make them uniquely yours.

7 boot insert 2

The Rider’s Balance by Sylvia Loch By Trafalgar Square Books 

$29.95 • 

Why we love it: This new 144-page book written by renowned classical dressage trainer Sylvia Loch helps riders understand the weight aids in pictures. It also includes a forward by Olympian Charlotte Dujardin.  

8 sylvia loch the riders balance