FEI World Cup Dressage Trivia

Part 2: Brush up on your Dressage World Cup knowledge

Q: Who are the only men to win the World Cup Dressage Finals?
A: Sven Rothenberger 1990 (Germany) and Steffen Peters 2009 (USA)

Q: What country's national anthem has been played the most for the winner of the World Cup finals?
A: The Netherlands. It was played nine times for Anky van Grunsven, twice for Adelinde Cornelissen (Jerich Parzival) and once for Edward Gal (Totilas).

Q: Where and when was the first World Cup Dressage Finals held, and who won it?
A: It was in s’-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, 1986. Anne-Grethe Jensen of Denmark on Marzog won and went on to win the World Championships later that year.

Q: Who is the youngest person ever to win the World Cup Dressage Finals?
A: Isabell Werth of Germany was 22 when she won in 1992 on Fabienne.

Q: Who was the first American to compete in the World Cup Dressage Finals, and where did she finish?
A: Diana Rankin, ninth on New Ladykiller in 1986.