A great way to introduce the bit to a young horse

I have found through my work with young horses that a great way to introduce them to the bit is by hooking it to the halter.

Step 1. Hook the bit on one side of the halter
Step 2. Let the bit hang down
Step 3. Offer the bit to the horse
Step 4. Once the horse opens his/her mouth you hook the bit to the other side of the halter

In this picture Little Finn a 16 hand Quarter Horse gelding owned by Patty demonstrates this simple technique. I used bailing twine to hook it on his halter, so that it is comfortable for the horse, but you can also use small snaps. Little Finn is going to be working on his dressage basics soon so that one day he can show in dressage shows and earn AQHA points. Check out your local dressage chapter to see what year end awards they are giving out for Quarter horses. USDF now has year end awards for Quarter horses as well. YEAH!! These great horses are now getting the recognition they deserve in the dressage arena!
Depending on what kind of horse you have, if you have papers on them, you may be eligible for year end dressage awards. Check out how many competitions you would need to qualify, and what your scores must be. Going for year end awards can be a great way to set goals and stay motivated!
Check in for more young horse tips!