And So It Goes

What is the mailman’s creed? Neither sleet, nor snow…well, I got news for ya: for the two days that we in the Carolinas got pounded with snow and ice, neither did we receive an attempt at mail. So I’ve stolen their motto and applied it to all of us that must somehow manage to continue our prescribed physical therapy regimen: hand walking 20 minutes, twice a day.

I’ll be honest: on Friday, while I groomed and massaged Forrest, none of my horses left the barn as it was treacherous: a glaze of ice on top of the snow. Late Saturday, I allowed my clients’ horses out, carefully monitored, one at a time, in Forrest’s rehab paddock, to get some sun and move around a bit. And I’m pleased to say they were quite sensible!

I have to say, two weeks into our six month recovery, Forrest has been a star: yes, he squeals as we walk, his energy percolating until he has to karate-chop the frigid air, but he quickly settles as he is most respectful of the stud chain, and 90 percent of the time, well mannered and manageable. I find that if I go out of my way to give him attention through out the day- catching opportunities to groom and massage him between teaching and training- he feels far more in a sort of routine that seems to give him comfort and feel less ‘left out.’ No tranquilizer needed as yet…but ask me again in a couple of weeks!