...and we are off!

After stalking the USDFwebsite’s “Educational Opportunities” calendar, I have finally found an “L” Program that fits into my schedule. I was a demo rider for the program in Maryland a few years ago and made it a goal to go through the program as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I missed the boat when it was in my home state and will be travelling across the country to the Utah Dressage Association’s Program.

Why don’t I wait until it comes back to my Region?
1. There is not time like the present (or when you are a dressage trainer, there is no time like free time… to pencil something in).
2. I went to Utah for the Lungeing session of the USDF Instructor’s Certification and loved everything – Park City, the people and the gorgeous change in scenery.
3. I am a huge dressage nerd: In the past two years, I have attended the USDF Instructor Workshops and FEI Trainers’ Conference, as well as the USDF/USEF Advanced Young Rider Graduate Program. I also run an equestrian book club where we read text books on dressage. You could say I have a thing for formal education.

So Utah it is.

I have confirmed my spot and will be sending in my application.

Wish me luck!

Here I am,

pre-“L” Program…

Photo by Judi Rosenfeld