Big News!

As your August 2010 issue of Dressage Today arrives in your mailbox, you might notice an addition to the list of editors. After a lot of careful planning, I have decided to accept the position of Senior Editor at the magazine. The entire staff has been extremely supportive of my decision to keep my training business active and I have been successfully working my students and horses in the afternoon/evening/weekend hours.

I am very proud to have helped put out the August issue and will be working on upcoming content for the magazine and online aspects… and yes, I will still be keeping my blog going!

In the meantime, training has been going better than ever. Now that I can focus on my own horse’s show season, I am putting together the entries (I have a lesson with Linda Zang tomorrow, so I am going to hold on to my first show entry and see what she says before I send it off). I have several students taking a break during this summer heat, now that they have qualified for year-end championships in the fall. All the training horses are doing well, with Training moving up to First and First moving up to Second…. and so on. The baby is actually cantering and he is getting strong enough in the contact that I am starting to feel like we are working dressage.

All in all, the summer couldn’t be better (or more busy!). This weekend I am off to assist/coach the PVDA Junior/Young Rider teams at the Region 1 Youth Team Championships. I LOVE this kind of event and cannot wait to see what everyone has chosen for stall decorations. Next Wednesday I leave for the D2 of the “L” Program in Utah! After that, shows pick back up–I have 2 shows to compete at and 2 schooling shows to judge.

Now that I am settled in at Dressage Today, September feels like it is just around the corner. Before I know it, I will have both Championships, my “L” Program Final Exam and the USDF Instructor’s Certification Testing. Lots of prep for all three and then I can rest at Thanksgiving.

I better stop this blog post and get working!!!






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