These boots were made for dancing or MUD?

Having the proper boots for the occasion is something that this winter has taught me well. I am all for wearing the tall proper dressage dress boots all day for riding and teaching, however this winter has given me cause to re-think my footwear. This winter has been sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice and mud. I went from my traditional boots to some insulated riding boots, but then they failed and couldn’t handle the wet snow. Time for me to consider tall insulated and WATERPROOF riding boots! It was the waterproof part of these boots that saved me in the snow and they are great for the MUD as well. I was concerned about riding in them but they work well, and also allow room for warm layers. They come in many different brands and are comfortable enough to wear all day with thick socks! What is your favorite footwear for this weather? Please share it here with us!

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