Cold Weather Grooming Tips

With cold weather still in the air here in Virginia giving your horse a bath is not really a safe option. How then do you make your horse presentable and clean? I have recently found a way, so I figured that I would share it with those of you who are stuck in the cold weather along with me and my horses 🙂
The company Shapley’s has this amazing product called EASY-OUT, it is a no rinse shampoo that gets out the dirt and then makes your horse shine! When I was getting ready to take my horse to the Bent Jensen clinic I knew that my horse had to look his best. It was too cold for a bath, so I tried this product and it was amazing! I also put some MAGIC SHEEN hair polish in his tail to get out tangles and make it so that I could comb his tail without pulling a bunch of hair out! I have also been spraying the MAGIC SHEEN in all of my horses tails to keep the mud out. If you are living where the rain has been crazy and the mud will not stop, this product will keep the mud clumps out of your horses tails!
These products worked so well that I wanted to share them with you, check out Shapley’s web site for all of the great grooming products that they offer.