D1, here we come!

I got my USDF Connection yesterday and was so excited to see that Janet Foy had written an article about preparing for the L Exam.

If you look closely, you can see the back of my head in the photo (it is from our Part 1 in Utah that she taught).

I was slightly relieved to hear that I was doing the right preparation for the Exam – judging at schooling shows, studying the handouts and reading the recommended reading. The last has been a bit easier, since I am crazy enough to also be preparing for the next step up of my USDF Instructor’s Certification right now and the two seem to share a bit of material – If I don’t know the Training Pyramid and how to recognize pure gaits, I shouldn’t be teaching or judging anyone!

So, back to studying my @$!&*( off! Four more days until the party starts and I am in Idaho for D1.

Wish me luck!

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