Do you know your horse?

How well do you know your horse? If I asked you to name your horses FAVORITE thing, could you answer without hesitation? When I am training a horse I always keep the horses favorite thing in mind, so that they can get that reward for a job well done. For each horse in my barn it is something different and sometimes depends on the horses past experiences. For instance, I have one horse in my barn who was left in the stall 24/7 before I bought him. When he is done with his work his best reward is to get to go out in his paddock, forget a treat or petting him or anything else, just take him over to the paddock and let him go 🙂 If I did that with some of my other horses, they would think that I wasn’t happy with them, they would wonder why they didn’t get to go back to the barn and get all of their well earned treats and fuss…. What is your horses favorite thing? Please share it here!


In this picture is one of the horses that I have for sale named Fadora, her very favorite thing is to go out and scratch on her round bale….. go figure….. LOL!!

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