Dressage and hunters, what a great mix!

This past weekend I had a great time at Blue Chip Riding Club in Patterson, NY. The trainers at Blue Chip understand the importance of good flat work and dressage for their horses.
The students were all well turned out and riding appropriate horses and ponies. We worked on straightness, bending and transitions all weekend. If hunters ever thought that dressage was for wimps, they have a new view now! Faces turned red, jackets had to come off, dressage work had them working up a sweat!
The riders all listened and were able to execute what I had them working on, and I was impressed with the positions that they demonstrated. The head trainer at Blue Chip, Sissy Scarpelli is a graduate of the equestrian studies program at Wilson College. Her emphasis on teaching the importance of having a proper position and balance is evident in her riders.
What an enjoyable group to work with, I look forward to my next clinic!


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