Dressage steps into the 21st century

One of the participants at Session A scribed for a judge that was a genius…
she had downloaded her USEF Rule Book onto her Kindle DX!

Because the USEF Rule Book is in pdf format, you can use the search feature on the Kindle to find rules quickly. You can also add notes in the margins and clip out commonly used rules to save in a separate file.

The pdf search function – on your Kindle or computer – is very handy when doing your Rules homework before Session A.

Also, who couldn’t take you seriously if you pulled out your Kindle and started quoting rules during a heated debate at a horse show?

I do not own a Kindle DX myself and they did not pay me to write this ;). But, the next time I have $489 lying around you can bet I will be buying one. In the meantime, if anyone wants to send one to me… I love gifts.