Gaits - Part Two

In Session A, Sandy Howard told us about how she would practice scoring with her daughter: Apply the dressage scoring system to everything. How was the sushi? Fairly Good. Could use a bit more rice. 7.

I have started to do the same with gaits. I was proof reading my own blog today and found myself distracted by the Dressage Today ad in the corner. That horse is definitely going straight, not turning. He is in a right lead canter, with his outside hind about to land. He is collected with his sling muscles working… and so on.

Next, I found myself distracted by my dog. After making him run back and forth in the living room I have yet to determine if he has the same gaits as a horse. It looks like it, but he won’t stop jumping around. I have confirmed, however, that he has a very solid trot with clear diagonal pairs. If only I could get him to walk and canter along a track!

Pictures of my dog’s gaits are in the works! For now, here is a sample of a chihuahua in a correct trot – with diagonal pairs working together.

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