Happy Thanksgiving!

Holiday travel, though a little hectic, is always worth the familiar – and new – faces.

Thanksgiving has me up in New England again, enjoying the “crisp” fall weather. As I type, I can see the seagulls flying above the choppy waters on the coast. The wind is really blowing hard and I am reminded of just how cold it can get up north. As a kid, I weathered the Massachusetts winters and rode in temperatures so bitter that I still remember the feeling on my cheeks and thighs… or lack of feeling!

As some people head to Florida for the colder months, I see that there are plenty of dressage “neighbors” that still have all of their horses at the farm. I also see a lot of new barns in the area, all of which seem to have popped up in the years since I last visited Rhode Island.

Like many equestrians returning to their old stomping ground, I still feel connected to the comings and goings of the “horsey” community. They are the family I visit after I see my relatives on the holiday 🙂

To all of my equestrian family… Happy Thanksgiving!

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