Helpful hint to keep horses happy and healthy

With all of these cold winter days and snow filled paddocks here up north I decided to pamper my horses. Keeping with my New Years Resolution to help my horses have more fun, I got a few of them massages! In the picture one of my mares is in heaven as massage therapist Lara Muller works on her. Lara was featured in Europe for saving a colicing horse through her massage techniques and was put on TV. She has also massaged horses on the Florida circuit.

Here at JL Training we are fortunate to have her knowledge and expertise. I know that this week my horses sure appreciated it! Massage is a great way to keep your horses gut moving and to keep them from getting too tight during the cold weather months. It is also beneficial for horses that are competing or are in serious work to keep the lactic acid from building up in the muscles and causing soreness.

To contact Lara for a massage for your horse/horses you can reach her on her cell phone at 410-900-3100. She is always willing to help your horse.

What do you do to pamper your horse/ horses?

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