Hilary Moore: Day 17

Though we have been writing about how our experiences have relate to each day’s tip, I wanted to deviate from the plan for a day because I am on the last day of my business trip to Florida and?would be lying to you if I said I was able to practice this?exercise. However, this exercise was quite similar to a wonderful exercise that Chris Hess was?doing today?at the FEI Trainer’s Conference with Chrissa Hoffman. He had her make a square?that was 12 meters by 20 meters in the arena. Then, he had her ride shoulder-fore to 1/4 turn on the haunches, to get the horse forward, off the inside leg and more manueverable. It was wonderful to watch and I hope you will enjoy reading more about it when I come out with a more complete report of the Conference. Until tomorrow, when I get home, happy riding to all who are able to get in the saddle! I am living vicariously through you.


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