Hilary Moore: Day 5

I love Ashley’s advice to layer up to stay warm and laugh a little, because my layers are a little different than many equestrians. As some of you know, I have a barn and full-time training business that I run in addition to working as Senior Editor at the magazine. That means that on winter mornings, before the sun rises, I wake up and put on what I plan to wear to work and then cover it with enough layers to stay warm and clean as I head out for morning chores. Despite my best efforts, some of the hay and mud does not peel off when I replace the top layers to prepare for the day at the office. Luckily, working at Dressage Today means that most people in the office are also at risk of wearing a little hay in their hair. The absolute best part of this layering process (and I say this on a day that I believe is in the 20s) is when I leave the office with a warm outfit and get to put my breeches and coat on top before going off to ride and teach until all the horses are done. So now you know my secret, I guess: I have one wardrobe for everything and while my work sweater might have a little hay on it, I think I look pretty sharp riding around in a turtleneck with a nice wool sweater!


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