Hilary Moore Hebert: Are you fit to marry a dressage rider?

Horse Nation recently posted a wonderful post about being fit enough to date a horse girl. It got me thinking about what it takes to marry one … and a dressage rider, at that. In response to their list, I have created my own based on my very tolerant and loving horse husband:

  • If you LOVE horses (or your wife enough to pretend to)…
  • If you like spending all your time on a horse farm (whether you live there or not)?
  • If you don’t mind 10 other women being at your house, in horse clothing, after work/on days off/at the crack of dawn on Sunday?
  • If you’re comfortable driving a normal-sized car while your wife drives an F350?
  • If you enjoy watching a horse trot in circles, over and over and over?
  • If you don’t mind that the fridge is filled with horse tranquilizers…
  • If you can turn a blind eye to crazy (Horse Nation suggested this one and I have to keep it on my list)?
  • If you can hide how uncomfortable it makes you to go to Sunday brunch with your wife wearing the equivalent of leggings with a polo shirt?
  • If you know that a little bit of blood or a broken bone isn’t that bad, if it is your wife’s and not a horse’s?
  • If you know that all holidays and vacations revolve around show season and getting barn help?
  • If you don’t mind watching the vet tube a horse in your front yard while your parents are eating breakfast on the porch?
  • If you know what people are talking about when they use Totilas as a comparison to anything?
  • If you can name the gold-medal winning dressage team and pull up the 2012 Olympic Freestyles every time someone visits?
  • If you can stay calm while a horse steps on your wife’s foot?
  • If hearing a man in leather boots tell your wife to stick her chest out for him and then yell, “Yes! You are perfect!” doesn’t bother you AND you paid for it?

In my experience, you are fit to marry a dressage rider!






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