Hilary Moore Hebert: "One day I will..."

Fill in the blank: One day I will … be proud enough of my riding accomplishments to compete? frame a photo of it? invite my family and friends to come watch? Listen, I get it. I stare at photos of elite riders all day and it sure is easy to compare yourself to someone better. THEY have perfect equitation, THEIR HORSE is in a perfect frame, THEY look good in a show outfit.


The problem with “one day” is that you might spend your whole life waiting. Last month, I fell off a horse and really hurt myself. Though it was just bruising and reversible nerve damage in my lumbar region, it felt like I had broken my back. As I lay on the ground in what felt like the worst pain of my life, I had a moment when I considered the possibility that I had reached the end of my riding career.

Moments like that make you realize that “one day” may never come. I am not saying you should go out and do something you aren’t ready for, I am just saying you need to evaluate what ready truly means. When you look at old photos of your first ride, you aren’t picking apart your position, you are enjoying the memory.

So next time you catch yourself saying, “One day I will…” remember that now might be the better option.

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