I am not a judge!!! Yay!!!

I have never been so excited to say that I am “not” a judge 🙂 Yesterday, I received a letter from USDF in the mail saying that I was an “L” Education Program graduate. I am most proud of my written test, which was in the mid-90s. With 300+ questions on the rules and technical information, that means I only missed about 18 (including 3 stupid ones that I know I answered wrong, like are you eliminated if you fall off your horse during a test and are you required to gloves in a test? The answer to both is “no” and I know that, but for some reason I was in Crazytown for the written exam and thought I would answer “yes” for laughs).

I actually don’t feel any different today and thought I would be more excited last night, but I was most emotional when I saw the published list of the ladies in my group that passed. What hit me hardest was not seeing some names. I know, first hand, that they were studying their butts off like the rest of us. My heart goes out to them and I wish them very good luck in the re-test. They all have the skills, but this testing business is WAY more stressful than showing.

So, onward and upward! Back to spending more time with the horses and less time reading about them 🙂

Just call me Hi”L”ary Moore from now on (until you call me Hila”r”y) and don’t forget to call if you are planning a schooling show 😉