Intern Update: Arielle Erenrich

Hello everyone. As the new intern at DT, I thought I’d introduce myself.? My name is Arielle Erenrich and I’ve been riding on and off for the past 9 years.


So why am I here??The short answer is because I needed something to do this summer. Since I’m a horse crazy person and love to write, working at a magazine like DT is the perfect thing for me.

The long answer is because I want to learn more about two things I love, horses and writing, in a way that is both practical and new.

Over the past 9 years I have ridden at 3 different barns. None of the instructors there were big on giving dressage lessons and all of them showed hunter. As a result, I have only recently been introduced to riding dressage. It started with a clinic I attended with the UMBC equestrian club (I go to UMBC and I’m a member of the club). I liked what I saw of dressage and I want to learn as much as I can about the discipline and the horses and people involved. ?Before the clinic, I knew what dressage was and I understood the general principles, but I never had the opportunity to watch someone ride, hear another rider comment on the sport and then get to practice what I had just witnessed.

I don’t own my own horse so my contact with the horse world is limited to the people I meet, the lessons I take and the things I read. At DT, I have the opportunity to talk to an office (mostly) full of horse people and access to a wide range of articles.

Not only does being here satisfy my horsey needs for the summer, it is also great practical experience. I am an English major at UMBC who enjoys writing more than just essays. I’ve always wondered what it is like at the production end of a magazine and now I get to see and do it. Hopefully I can use the experience here to influence my decisions later in life. Whatever they turn out to be.






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