Interval Training sets for Dressage horses

I must start out by saying that for those of you that don’t know me I try to stay positive no matter what. Seeing the good in everything can be difficult at times, especially with the severe winter that we have gotten here in Virginia this year. But, there is a silver lining for my dressage horses. That is that they have been working on interval training sets in the snow! The benefits of the deep snow for dressage horses is that they naturally pick their legs up higher and thus push off beautifully with their hind end! Think of how you feel after walking in the snow, so make sure that you don’t overdue it with your horse! Also, watch that your horse is not slipping or having snow balls. Once you feel that your horse is balanced and comfortable try a trot! The feeling of your horse lifting and dashing thru the snow is bound to put a smile on any riders face! Let me know if you try it and please share how it goes! Here is a pic of me dashing thru the snow on one of my mares, she enjoyed it and it was her first time ever doing it. Riding thru the deep snow is a great way to test your partnership and trust with your horse. Enjoy the ride and have fun  Janie

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