Jen Mellace: Day 9

So I’ll admit ? I had to have my husband buy me an exercise ball while he was out running errands yesterday. When I did Beth Glosten’s pelvic rocking exercise this morning, I certainly didn’t look as relaxed as Beth’s student in the video (I was too concerned that I was going to either pop the ball or roll too far forward and land in a heap with the ball shooting out behind me). But with repetition came a bit more comfort and then the feeling that the exercise was working my core as it should.


A few years ago a friend and I splurged on semi-private Pilates lessons three times a week. It was expensive, but the feeling in the saddle after a couple weeks was incredible. While I can’t afford to do semi-privates again, I can afford the time to do the exercises from Beth’s book?Ride in Balance and her website Besides, my new shiny red exercise ball needs to be more than a toy for my kids.

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