Jen Mellace: Employee evaluation time

Like most work places, each year we are given a review and asked to share our thoughts by completing an employee evaluation form. On our form, one of the questions is: To achieve goals for next year, what skill areas require additional development? While I listed several goals, one of them was to start taking regular dressage lessons again. When I purchased Ben (my first horse) as a 4-year-old in 1995, that’s where we started?basic dressage lessons with a knowledgeable dressage instructor. As the years went by we dabbled in hunters and later eventing, but we always stuck with our dressage lessons, and it truly made a difference in everything else we did. Today, Ben is retired and I’m starting again with my coming 7-year-old TB/Clyde cross. My time and funds are more limited now than they were before children, but my goal is to find a way to commit to keeping that important training part of my repertoire.