Jen Mellace: Fox Chasing, Hunter Paces and Ultimate Equestrian?Oh My!

I promised myself that if I ever had a horse that could take me safely around the hunt field, hunter paces and maybe even a baby cross country course that I would in fact do just that. Well, Woodrow has been a solid citizen (most of the time) and has allowed me the pleasure of doing all three. This year I went out with the local hunt twice, have teamed up with a friend to ride in three hunter paces and attended my first Ultimate Equestrian schooling?an opportunity to train on a variety of obstacles, including a couple cross country jumps. Each outing has helped me regain my confidence, and has brought back that giddy feeling I use to get when I was a kid. That excitement and love of riding that you sometimes forget about when you’re caught up in raising kids, working full time and trying to make every ride perfect. I know I am far from perfect, but that’s okay. It just gives me a good excuse to practice it over and over again!


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