Learning to Ride Al the Right Way

Time seems to be going quickly. I only have six weeks left here in paradise. Yes, we are having very cold weather here and there. But it is nothing like what is happening in CT! So, I am not saying anything about the weather being cold here!

As promised, here are some photos of Al and me working in a lesson with Bill Warren. In order for me to take a lesson with Bill, it has to be at 7:30am so that he can get to his barn at White Fences and start teaching his clients. I enjoy each lesson, and Bill gets very intense in helping me work through issues and training. While Al is fully Grand Prix trained, it is more like training me to make sure Al does not try to use one of his three million evasions. It seems the more a horse is trained, the more evasions they have to avoid work. Of course as soon as I get an evasion figured out, Al is right there with another one. However, we are certainly progressing and have made some huge steps.

I keep speaking of the many advantages to being down here (other than weather). As I have said, you are totally immersed in riding, but there is more than just that. Another great activity is going to horse shows to watch the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyles with top riders from many different countries. It is educational to see the riders’ improvements from CDI to CDI. Well, most are improving!

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