The Legacy of Master Nuno Oliveira

The wonderful book titled The Legacy of Master Nuno Oliveira was written by Stephanie Grant Millham who was one of his students. The book was published by Xenophon press who is a publisher of Classical dressage books.

Stephanie gave a great talk at the Middleburg Library about what it was like to train with such a master. I highly recommend her book for anyone who is looking to learn what it was like to be a student of such a master of dressage. Stephanie has written a clear and wonderful book that you are sure to enjoy! Stephanie is a great lady and I have fond memories of riding with her when I was home for a summer in college. I have looked up to her ever since I saw her ride a beautiful Andalusian stallion at an ODAA show when I was in high school. She rode that horse so well and effortlessly! Since this winter seems to be dragging on, grab this book and enjoy the ride