Well Golden Leo is about as quiet as they come, he leads like an older horse, stands like an older horse, lets you pull his mane like an older horse, so I am thinking, how am I going to make this blog interesting with such a good quiet baby! Well, then I had a light bulb moment, what would be difficult for a calm baby is to get out into the ring and go forward! So, that is what I did. You know I should have had a pic of me in a dead sweat chasing him around the arena, but this pic shows a way to have fun with your yearling, by teaching him to trot around the arena. Leo learned to move out and that the ring is a place for fun. I just made it about a 5 minute run around the arena, although I was the one running, he was the one trotting! I used voice commands, which will help when he is older and starts lounging. Letting your young or older horse loose for a free lounge around the arena is a great way to make the ring a fun place to be! Let me know your stories! 🙂 Janie

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