Looking Out for SPRING!

Where did the Spring weather go here in VA? I am not the only one asking! Yes, the good weather is on the way, because the groundhog DID tell us so.

Keeping the work fun and enjoyable will bring your horse back up to fitness faster and with a better attitude towards the work that we put in front of them. Here are a few Spring time tips.

1. Give your horse plenty of walk warmup, let those muscles get nice and warmed up.

2. Once working, allow your horse to stretch a bit in between trot and canter sets. So letting your horse stretch at first, then picking them up for some harder work and then back to stretching.

3. Allow walk sets in your work, giving walk breaks will allow both you and your horse to take a break, get relaxed and ready for more.

4. End the work when your horse has done well, and try to take your time in getting back to where you were before the winter. A break can do both horse and rider good, but remember when bringing the horse back into work, or upping the work load, make it enjoyable so that you are off to a great start this season.

Share here how you are keeping it fun for your horse this Spring?