Polar Opposites can be fun!

So, here is a picture of a 13 year young dutch warmblood mare with a lot of SPUNK! I decided after teaching Golden Leo to free lounge to bring out an old pro. I brought her up into the ring and took the reins off the bridle, and away she went at a dead run around and around the arena, now I must tell you that I was a bit relieved because I did not have to chase her 🙂 She was a vision of beauty as she galloped around and around and did I say around. Still not sure when she managed to stop to pick up some grass in her mouth from running around the arena! This type of free lounging can be great to get a more frisky horses playfulness out before getting on instead of trying to lounge, if they have not worked in a while or are high strung. I would rather let a horse play while free lounging, and know that when they are on the lounge line, it is to be a more obedient time, and not a time for playing or antics! Let me know about your lounging fun! 🙂 Janie