When It Rains It Pours!

Sometimes it seems as if bad things occur in threes. I’m holding fast to the notion that perhaps good things, also in threes, might soon follow…because since my last blog this happened:

Which, in a fall from a new student’s horse (“Now before I get on, I can’t afford to get hurt, so anything I need to know? Any buck or rear?” “No, no, not at all”) resulted in a badly broken wrist that needed surgery with a plate and screws to be set. Despite teeth gritting pain for a solid couple of weeks, coupled with so much swelling my hand looked like a cured ham, I was told I’d be out of the saddle for at least six weeks and naturally, I had to cancel all the ‘Dressage Bootcamp Weekends’ I teach, booked by several students, as well as the loss of income. Not fun.

And then my beloved, 15-year-old terrier, Bonnie, died. It was a pure blessing to have this dearest dog live past the age of 15 considering her enlarged heart and 5/6 murmur on each side, but live she did, with gusto, until a growth in her urethra made it impossible to empty her bladder, and so, assisted by our wonderful vet, Dr. Evans, we helped her transition peacefully into her new life, filled with shady meadows and countless tennis balls.

Thirdly, Forrest, who has been rehabbing nice and quietly after a difficult spring, whilst grazing in his rehab paddock (after being both hand walked for 20 minutes in the early summer heat as well as hand grazed) was behaving beautifully and I had just finished picking his stall and was walking over to lead him in when a yellow jacket flew up his nostril. So you can just imagine. I’m standing at the gate, one handed, with my other arm in a sling, completely incapable of doing anything to help him and nearly in tears because, although his next ultrasound is in two weeks, there’s no way he hasn’t re-injured himself after the hysterical cartwheels he performed. So suffice it to say, June was pretty dismal, indeed.

I really feel for riders who have lost their motivation…I’m really understanding how it feels when it seems you’re just spinning your wheels in the mud and not progressing- that all your hard fought for dressage dreams are seemingly beyond your grasp. I have to face the grim reality that Forrest may be so injured now that retirement is the only option for him. He is beginning a new supplement, GLC 5500Rx, that comes with promising reviews and clinical trials, so I will be monitoring any improvement and will shout it from the rooftops if things are looking good.

And then I look at riders like Courtney King Dye who, in reading about her current life as a blissfully happy mom, never complains about her situation and perseveres with her trademark, ‘can do’ attitude, I’m ashamed at my own personal pity party and began taking stock of my current situation: I’m having a wonderful time this summer performing color commentary and using my stand-up skills to work the crowd during the show jumping series at Tryon Int’l Equestrian Center in front of 10,000 people!

And my wrist is healing wonderfully fast (due, I believe in large part to, a wonderful transdermal Magnesium product I’m telling every one with aches and pain and swelling to check out, Mg12), so much so that while Forrest continues his rehab at the walk, I was able to climb aboard only 4 weeks post-op, my wrist stable and left fingers comfortable enough to close firmly around the rein. So yes, it does appear that three nice things have happened! I’m don’t know what the future might bring but I do know this: no matter what, you simply have to keep moving forward. Things could always be worse and there are millions and millions of people that would give anything to trade places with those of us who have a roof over our heads and food in the fridge. So regardless of circumstances, I’m just going to keep working on an ‘an attitude of gratitude.’