"Schooling the piaffe and other forms of levitation" by my non-equestrian boyfriend

I am almost laughing too hard to write this, but I have to pass this conversation along to some people who will *ahem* understand:

As I was watching a YouTube video of a horse collecting into piaffe, my boyfriend looks over my shoulder.

“Can your horse levitate like that?” he asks, in reference to the piaffe.
“That is called piaffe and no, he can’t do that yet,” I reply.

As I start to type what he is saying on Facebook, he tells me: “That isn’t how you spell piaffe!”
“Yes, it is,” I reply.
“No, it isn’t,” he tells me. “I have made Rice Piaffe before and it is spelled p-i-a-f.”
“You mean Rice Pilaf?” I say, trying not to laugh.
“The video was stuck, so it looked like the horse was moving funny. It wasn’t a good video,” he replies in defense.

Shortly after posting this on Facebook, I get a message from Jaclyn:
My husband usually says “wow he looked great, he was really throwing his legs”, when he watches me ride. Then adds a few shoulder-in comments which make even less sense.

Editor’s (boyfriend’s) Note: After reading this, he would like to let everyone know he is not ok with this post. Noted. He would like everyone to also know that he encourages my writing, as long as he is not included in the story. Noted.

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