Summer Bloat?

I don’t think that my horse gets bloated on these hot summer days like I do…..
During these past few hot weeks I have noticed that many of my students and I have needed to stop and tighten our horses girths more often than usual. So, here is a quick tip for tightening your girth while mounted:
Make sure that your horse is calm at the halt, take your reins in your right hand, take your left leg forward (ALWAYS keep your feet in the stirrups or you WILL hear from pony club!), bend over and tighten your girth. It works best to tighten it one hole at a time, this will help the horse to not be goosed into moving forward!
If your horse walks forward, you might want to practice bending over a few times to get the horse used to you being in that position. Let me know how it goes, here is a pic of me just last week having to tighten my girth on my mare Namorada. LOL!! Happy Riding….


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