The Gaits

In our lecture, we discussed the gaits a lot.

The purity of gaits are fundamental issues when scoring the dressage test and we were encouraged to pay close attention to they quality of the horses’ gaits in the demonstration portion of the lecture on Sunday.

To review that gaits and what are quality gaits, here are some youtube clips that I think are very helpful.

1. The gaits, with slow motion clips of each gait. Each footfall is labelled in each gait, to explain the sequence:

In the walk, you can see the inside/hind pairs form a momentary “V” shape as they meet.

In the trot, there is a clear set of diagonal pairs landing together.

In the canter, there is a clear moment between the outside hind and inside front working. It is important that they do not work in unison, while the inside hind and outside front do.

2. A lateral walk:
at 4:59 in the video. Note that the horses inside front/hind do not make a “V” shape, as we would see in a correct walk, here:

What do you think of these gaits?
Is this a walk, trot or canter:

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