The next step in bridling a young horse

Once your horse is comfortable with the bit that has been hooked to the halter your next step is to put a bridle together and hook the bit to it. This part is not only good for young horses, but is also helpful with re schooling horses that are not well mannered for putting the bridle on. Here Kelly demonstrates how to open one side of the bridle, put the ears through, feed the bit to the horse and re- buckle your bridle. Kelly has had to use this method while re-schooling Balfor her thoroughbred that has been a race horse, and had a career on the Florida jumper circuit as a junior jumper. Somewhere along the line his left ear became sensitive to touch, and she has been re-schooling him so that he accepts the bridle with minimal “fuss”. She has made a great amount of progress with him, and his dressage is coming along beautifully. If you have a “fussy” horse to bridle or are bringing a young horse along give this method a try.