Time to get fit!

A few quick tips for working on your horses fitness after a LONG winter!

After this never ending winter it is important to bring your horses fitness back at a steady pace. Bringing your horse back too quickly can lead to soreness and an overall unhappiness in your horse. It was like when I went for a two hour hike after the snow had cleared, because I could finally hike, and then I had shin splints for days after! The same thing happens to your horse when you get back to work, so here are some tips to keep it fun for you and your horse.

1. Make sure that your warm up has a long walk in both directions to loosen up. Walking is also a great way to muscle your horse up without too much strain.

Here is a picture of one of my horses and me having a nice walk before working.

2. When you start your work at the trot and canter make sure to give plenty of walk breaks in between

3. Watch how long you ride and if you ride for longer, make sure to do some relaxation work in between your collected work.

4. Try doing some stretches yourself before riding, it will help you to be less sore after a long winter break from riding.

Please share your tips for getting back into fitness and keeping it fun!

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