Tip of the day! Ride with a saddle pad other than white!

I am someone who enjoys life, and maybe I am a misfit for the dressage community, because I make jokes and tell stories that I think are funny, and if someone is too serious they think?????But I can have fun doing anything, and so I can pass that on to you!

Like the first time I worked on the Florida circuit, it was in 1996 and I was managing and grooming at a barn for an Olympic rider. My rap music blaring in the boom box, and my light heartedness I think the dressage folks liked, but did not fully understand. One day I got snapped at by my boss, for something I felt was unjust, so I took a saddle pad from the tack room that had running horses ALL over it, and tacked his Grand Prix horse up with that pad. When he came to get on his horse all he could do was laugh and then shake his head. But he did 🙂 !!!!

Look in later in the week to find out if he rode in the saddle pad or not, what do you think?

Maybe this week break out of your white saddle pad routine while schooling! I personally have a saddle pad with butterflies stitched on it, that is one simple way to have fun!!!

Let me know what your favorite saddle pad is!!!

🙂 Janie

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